• $YEET team: 13 core members / 33 initial contributors.
  • Maximum $YEET presale per person: find out yourself.
  • Maximum/initial supply: Based on the way the ICO is set up, coins are minted during sale. There will be a potential of 11,800 YEET total if the ICO goal is hit too fast. Target is 9,001 total cap, and the ICO will be manually finalized as soon as that goal is realized.
  • Minimum initial supply: 3,000 YEET. If ICO does not sell out, only the purchased amount will be minted. Tokens cannot be minted after the ICO.
  • Maximum ICO sale supply: 100 ETH
  • $YEET supply allocation of proposed 9001 tokens:
  • 6300 (or more) YEET will be for sale during the ICO at a snapshot price of $4.20/token.
  • 1100 YEET will be reserved and allocated into liquidity pools.
  • 700 YEET will be distributed to the team/private investors.
  • 550 YEET will be airdropped to influencers who will act as “merch groups”.
  • 250 YEET were allocated towards startup.
  • 100 YEET will be given to ‘Lil Meatball’, the inventor of the ‘YEET’ dance.
  • 1 YEET which was known as ‘The Genesis Yeet’ was yeeted so hard it was lost in the cryptosphere.


Q: How long will the $YEET ICO run?
A: The $YEET ICO will run from September 1st to September 12th.

Q: “Why would I purchase $YEET when I can buy any other crypto with utility value?”
A: Do your own research. 

Q: What is the contract address? 
A:The contract address can be located on Etherscan here. 

Q: What is the $YEET token address?
A:The $YEET token address can be found here.

Q: Telegram when?
A: September 2nd, 2020.

Q: How can I purchase $YEET during the ICO sale?
A: $YEET can be purchased at a rate of 91 YEET per 1 ETH here at this crowdfunding address or directly below.